21 septembre 2015

CONEY ISLAND #5 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the united States to say, 

We ran away from Manhattan's noise for a few hours to go to mystic, magical and empty Coney Island. This place was obviously part of my journey to follow the footsteps of Patti. 
I loved this place because of the atmosphere. Please do listen to Coney Island Baby from Lou Reed while you read this post and enjoy the pictures.
The following text is directly copied from my travel journal.

Patti and Robert, Coney Island 1969

Wednesday, August 5th 2015

"Today we took the train to Coney Island. We spent the day there, sunbathing. Obviously, we got sunburnt even if we put some cream on !
Then, we went for a hot dog at Nathan's before going back to the hotel. We took a shower and chilled a bit before going out to have a Brooklyn Lager at the Sweet & Vicious just down the road". 

Coney Island Station

Surf Avenue

Coney's mystical attractions

Coney's famous face

Nathan's, known to be THE best hot dog

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