01 février 2016

SAN FRANCISCO #19 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say, 

Hey everyone ! Here is today a very short article about my third day in San Francisco. I hope you'll enjoy it !

Saturday, August 22nd 2015

"We met up wit Ivan at breakfast and he offered that we spend the day together again. So we decided to go and see the Maison Bleue, which is a blue house that Maxime le Forestier (french singer) sang about.

Then, we went around Mission, a very latino neighborhood because it was nearby. It is famous because of it's wall painting on Clarion Alley. I really enjoyed it because we met painters and it was actually very beautiful.

After that, we took the car again and went a little further in the gay neighborhood called CastroIt is known as the place where the gay flag has been created. We walked around, had a frozen yogurt (delicious) and then chose to go to Embarcadero. We parked the car and walked to the Fishermen's Warf. That's basically where you have to take the ferry to go visit the Alcatraz prison. Thing is, if you don't have a ticket to go, there is a model you can see alongside the quay. 
Careful : If you actually want to visit Alcatraz, you need to book few months in advance because it is always full and crowded. 

Before we had lunch in Chinatown, we went on top of the Twin Peaks hills. It is the highest place in town from which you can see the whole city. It was really windy and if you decide to go you need to have pretty good shoes you can climb with.

Back to the hostel, Ivan packed his things because he had no more room booked there. So in the evening, Laure and I had a drink with my old friend Albane before going to bed early."

Next article about my last three days in San Francisco will be on Thursday.
Take care of you and don't forget to share this article !

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