11 février 2016

Saatchi Gallery, January 2016

Just a little postcard to say, 

I finished writing and posting about the summer trip last Monday. You can still read about LA just bellow this article.
Here is today a post about something a bit more cultural which is my recent visit at the  Saatchi Gallery (yes, again !). I went there mid January because I spent few days in London after I finished my exams. It was very beneficent and it cheered me up to stayed at Nicole's for a week. 
All the pictures you are going to see in this article are about the paintings and pieces of art I liked the most in the exhibition. You can still visit it until March 9th. 
And for those who could be interested in seeing it, there will be a Rolling Stones exhibition at the Saatchi from next April. It will be one of the very rare time where you'll have to pay to get in. So don't forget to seek in advance !

Here is a preview of the Champagne Life exhibition. As usual, it is free entry and it takes about 45 minutes to see it all. 

Julia Wachtel

Sigrid Holmwood

Jelena Bulajic

Virgile Ittah

Seung Ah Paik

Stéphanie Quayle

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I wish you a very good end of week, next article on Monday !

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