08 février 2016

LOS ANGELES #21 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say, 

I am really sad to announce that this is going to be my last article about my sumer trip in America. I'm doing this article a bit differently than the other ones and you'll find all the places I liked to go when I was in Los Angeles. I really recommend you to try those. Don't hesitate to leave a comment, ask for videos or share this post. 

From Tuesday 25th to Saturday 29th of August 2015

To go from San Francisco to Los Angeles, we had to take a Greyhound coach really early on Tuesday morning. It was a pretty long journey because we arrived around 4pm. It was funny because we passed downtown LA through the Los Angeles River which is the place where they shot the car race in Grease. 

We ordered an Uber when we arrived because it was the easier way to go to the hostel. It actually took us like half an hour because Los Angeles is a huge city. In fact, it is often considered as many town. 
The place we stayed during those days in LA was just near Venice Beach, very close to Santa Monica because we really wanted to enjoy the beach before going back to Europe. It was definitely a good choice, we were on Pacific Avenue, which is about three minutes from the actual beach. 
The only bad thing is that the hostel was very weird. It was the cheapest one we could find because we booked really late but it wasn't the cleanest. They didn't have a proper AC so it was way too hot inside. And it smelled terrible because everyone was smoking inside. But the rooms were quite big so if you're young (and wild, and free), it's okay because you can actually talk to anyone there and everyone is chilling together. Anyway... It was okay for a couple of days but I wouldn't have stay much longer. 
Careful : If you can, try to book a bit in advance because Los Angeles is a very busy place, especially in summer. 

All the following adresses have been highly recommended by my cousin Steven (from Milwaukee) or my friend Nelson who lives in Los Angeles. We also found some of them with Laure.

Where to eat ?

This is the place we had dinner the first evening. It is the kind of place where I felt really grown up and it actually felt good ! Food was delicious (mostly french) and wine was even better (chilean). 

ChaCha Chicken is a really famous place to eat in LA. Everyone told us about it, from our taxi driver to the guy who sold us suncream. So we decided to go one evening. It is the kind of place where you bring your own alcohol. There is a terrasse outside and it's very cute. When you order, feel free to ask for the smaller size because it can be very big otherwise. 
Sadly the waiters are even more unpleasant than in Paris and this is definitely not a compliment. 

This is the closest place to eat from the hostel. As I said, we didn't really wanted to go far because we wanted to enjoy the beach. So this place was the best deal to eat healthy food at anytime of the day. Their smoothies are sooo good ! Everyone has been very nice to us and it is really likable
It can be very busy at lunch time but you can order it as take away.

Where to have a drink ?

This very fancy place was nearly empty the day we went to have a drink. We arrived pretty late but it was with it. The cocktails were amazing and the atmosphere intimate. On the ceiling there was TVs broadcasting old black and white movies. Lights were low, couch were comfy. I would say that this is the kind of place you want to go for a date more than with a huge party with all your mates.

This very cosy bar was in the corner really close to the hostel which was super useful. We listened to a great gig because it was open scene the night we went there. But be careful, drinks are really expensive there !

Where to party ?

I'm not going to say that this was the best place I went during the trip (because we did a lot) but nearly. This is also the place where we finished our holidays and I loved it ! 
We've been highly recommended to go to this bar, close to Hollywood Boulevard and I was glad we did. It's really worth it and we had so much fun ! 
We arrived not to late but we had to queue for an hour and a half and I have to admit that this was a bit too long. 
It is located at the back of a little garden that looks like any other one. But at the back of it, there is a fridge. And when you open the fridge's door you can get in !
The atmosphere was crazy, a band was playing great songs, everyone was having fun. 
It is also famous for it's snowcones drinks. On the roof, some girls were roller dancing, very impressive ! Only drawback is that it's really far from the hostel we were staying to but as we took an Uber it didn't cost much.

Once a week in summer you can attend for free a concert on the Santa Monica Pier (did you know it was the end of the Road 66 ?). This place is normal just a fair, a bit like Brighton in England. 
The night we went there we didn't know the band who was playing but we still had a great time. We ended up skinny-dipping on the beach right next to it and it was a cool and unique experience.
Careful : Normally, drinking on the beach is forbidden ! And so is staying there at night. 
So forget about campfires or anything like that, otherwise you might meet the local police... 

Other adresses :

Honestly I don't recommend this place more than an other one. It was just the closest from where we were and I wouldn't have walked miles just to have my nails done.
Anyway, we had a great time and what I recommend you to do is to go anywhere and have someone taking care of you because it feels really good ! The prices were normal, not much than in London where I used to go.

Laure wanted to keep a special souvenir from our trip and so she decided to get a tattoo. We went around and the best one was definitely House of Ink. It is actually quite a famous place. She paid a hundred dollars or so for a small eagle on the arm. The guy who did it was very nice but he explain to us that he was from Italy and was travelling a lot so I guess that he won't be here if you decide to go now.

Finally, I have to admit that LA is a city where I really want to go back to and spend a bit more time. I really enjoyed it. 
Oh, and I shall just relate one little anecdote : I saw three dolphins very close to the beach on the last day and apparently it's kind of rare, so I felt like a kid and I was very excited ! 

Here we are. 
I hope you enjoyed reading about this trip.
I also hope that it made you want to travel. 
If you have any question about anything, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment bellow. 
If you also want to share your experience or give me some advice, you're very welcome to do so. 
Otherwise, next article will be on Thursday. 

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