18 novembre 2015

LINCOLN #13 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say, 

I hope you are okay. Today you'll find an article about my day in Lincoln, Nebraska. As we only spend one day there everything was really condensed. I am really sorry we didn't stay longer because I enjoyed the place very much, especially thanks to Tim and Katie who hosted us. 

Thursday, August 13th 2015

We walked everywhere because the town is quite small. It was way too hot but we enjoyed walking anyway because of the (long) time we spent in the train before. 
In the morning we went to the Capitol which is apprently some replay important place like were the mayor is or something like that. I didn't really get it though... 
It is the highest building in the city (14 levels) and from the top we can see everywhere around !

For lunch, we met Tim in a new restaurant : falafel and curry french fries. We then went to the Sheldon Museum on the Lincoln campus. The band from the university were playing before starting school. I really liked the museum because it was quite big for a uni. 

Once more, I am really sorry I can't show you manu pictures.

We actually didn't stay long in Lincoln because it was sort of a private joke because of the Movie "Yes Man". So we walked nearly out of town to go to the Telephon Museum. Thing is, it is only open on Sundays, in between 1pm and 4pm. It was Thursday. It was closed. 
Anyway, we had a green tea ice cream in a shop close to the station, then we went back home, packed our stuff (once more) and went to the organic grocery shop next to Tim and Katie's. After that we had a beer in town with Tim, just before taking our train around midnight.

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