20 novembre 2015

GRAND JUNCTION #14 (english version)

Just a little card from the United States to say, 

Hey everyone, I hope you're okay. Here is today an article about the three days I spent in Grand Junction, Colorado, at Kenton and Tony's this summer. During the journey in between Lincoln and Grand Junction we went along the Colorado River (which is sometimes redish/goldish as you can see on the pictures). It was beautiful. But the best part was definitely the sunrise (I woke Laure up, I was excited just like a kid on Christmas morning !). 
We finally arrived in Grand Junction around 3.30pm and we walked to Kenton's and found the keys under the doormat because he was out of town until the next morning. It was absolutely adorable of him and I really liked the fact that we could trust each other. It is definitly proof of humanity to me !

From Friday, August 14th to Sunday, August 16th 2015

We actually spent a really nice time in Grand Junction thanks to Kenton and Tony who were very welcoming, friendly, talkative, open-minded and who took us to do some crazy things. 
First of all, as Kenton was out of town the first night, his flatmate Tony offered that we come whith him to a Beach Volley party. You need to know (if you don't) that Colorado is in the middle of the US so you can't really find a beach there, ahah. BUT, we had such a great time thanks to Tony's friends, some free local beer and a very good atmosphere. We had a couple of drinks and then we played pool and even volley ball ! I will definitely remember the Sneaky Lenny and the mini beers ! (You should definitely have some if you stop by !)

On the second day, after a great lunch in a nepalese restaurant and a walk in town (we bought some jalapeño chutney), we decided to go to the river. Thing is that it was reaaally far and we were super tired but no one wanted to hitchhike us (is that how we say it ?). When we finally arrived there we couldn't really swim in it so we just sunbath for a couple hours. 

In the evening, we went to a brewery with Kenton, Tony and their friends because some band was doing a concert by a local radio station. I ate an amazing vegetarian burger ! After the gig, we decided to go hiking (in the middle of the night, yes !) to go to the Moon Rock. It is apparently kind of a secret place because you can't find it on maps. It was amazing ! From there we could see the whole city, and better than that, we could see the Milky Way. Better than I ever saw it before (and I often go camping in great places...)
The next day we did something as great as that and we went to buy some rubber/swimming ring, drove to a town called Palissade and we floated away on the river for about two hours. Landscapes were breathtaking and we even saw an eagle ! That was a very fun experience.

Careful : If you want to do such an experience, don't be as stupid as I've been. Sun cream is not enough so put a shirt on !

After it, Kenton went to pick us up and drove us to the train station. We took the train and spent about eight hours with Benoit and Thomas (who we met in between Chicago and Lincoln) before stoping in Salt Lake City where Jay was waiting for us.

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