09 novembre 2015

CHICAGO #12 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say,  

You will read in this article our last morning in Chicago and the beginning of our amazing adventure in the California Zephyr. Be ready to follow our path from the middle east to the west coast.

Wednseday, August 12th 2015

We decided to visit three of the most important buildings. They are really famous for some reasons. The Rookery does have this gorgeous lobby, the Modnanock is the oldest sky scrapper and the Tribune Tower is really peculiar because there are part of other international famous buildings ! 
Actually, Chicago is a pretty recent city because of the great fire that burnt everything in 1871. Because of it, the rebuilt it as a brand new town. It is now one of the biggest in America.

After this walk we went back to the Freehand to pick up our stuff, went to the grocery store to buy some food (so we would not be too hungry in the train) and we called a cab.
The departure of the Zephyr is at Union Station which is really central. This train is the only one to have a panoramic view. First of all, the seat are really comfy and large. Then, in the panoramic part of the train, the windows are huge, the seats are in front of if so you can really watch outside and you can also sit at a table, meet some people, play cards and some other things. We met five other french guys and it was nice to spend some time chatting with them until Laure and I stopped in Lincoln, Nebraska
Careful : The Zephyr only stops one time a day in each city. If you stop to visit, you will need a place to stay at night. It normally stops about ten minutes in each places which is not long at all ! 
You need to know that it is possible to have dinner in the restaurant in the train. You just need to book when the staff asks you. You can also book a couchette and then you don't have to get off the train. For a couchette, you have to book online at the same time as you book your train ticket. With Laure we didn't book one because the seats are comfortable enough to sleep on it anyway. Otherwise, in between Chicago and Lincoln there is a time lag. Don't forget to change the time on your watch.
The journey last about ten hours, I became really patient during this trip !

We arrived a bit late in Lincoln (at about 1am) and Tim came to pick us up at the train station. That was very lovely. Him and Katie were adorable and we really enjoyed staying at their place ! 

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