25 septembre 2015

NEW YORK #6 & #7 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the united States to say,

For our last full day in New York, Laure and I decided to walk down Lower Manhattan, around Wall Street especially. We also went to Staten Island, Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo. 
In this article you will also read about a place to brunch in NoLiTa and one to go out in the East Village.  

Thursday, August 6th 2015

We walked a lot that day because as I said in the first article we did not buy a travel card. 
The only thing we did was going back by tube in the evening because we were way too tired. 
We left the hotel in the morning to go south to Lower Manhattan. First stop was the financial district. I went there four years ago already and I really like this neighborhood because it is basically the oldest one in New York. I really enjoyed finding a gigantic sculpture of Dubuffet but also a really big Planet Fitness event ! It was crazy the way they promoted their gym ! To be honest I didn't really felt concerned about it but I like that they gave us t-shirts and stuff. 

We then kept going south to the Staten Island Station from which you can take a ferry to go and see the Statue of Liberty. Thing that you need to know is that it's free but it won't stop at the statue, you'll just pass in front of it. Laure went on the ferry without me because I am boat sick. 
Careful : If you want to stop at the Statue to visit it, you just have to find any guy from one of the company that can take you there. They are all waiting in line on front of the station. all the prices are kind of the same so just pick one that seem to be nice and smily ! 

When Laure came back we decided to walk to Brooklyn Bridge. 
Careful : When you arrive by foot in Brooklyn it is pretty hard to find your way to a place where you can find restaurants and shops. Don't forget to bring a water bottle with you ! And a map also if you don't want to get lost !
We finally arrived close to the river and we had this amazing view on all the buildings in Manhattan ! It was really cool ! We had lunch in Brooklyn and then walked to Dumbo. 
This is the new place to be, very trendy neighborhood under the Manhattan Bridge. 
My only advice is to go there by night because you might find some really cute restaurants in desused factories. 

At night we went to have a beer at the DBA in East Village. It seems that this place is a real myth even if non really knows why. Go there anyway, you won't be disappointed. 

Friday, August 7th 2015

We quickly packed our bags in the morning before going to the New Museum on Bowery where we saw some exhibition. I only likes one : Sarah Charlesworth.
We then had a brunch at the Fiat Café (a place that celebrate the famous little Italian car) for about 15$, just before going to the Penn Station to take our train for the next destination.
For those who didn't follow me this summer, can you guess where we went next ?

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As a bonus : the new "World Trade Center"

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