28 janvier 2016

SAN FRANCISCO #18 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say, 

You'll find in this article the details of the second day I spent in San Francisco this summer. We did some very touristic things and I hope it will help you get some ideas if you're going there soon. 

Friday, August 21st 2015

We decided to wake up at 9.30am so we could have some breakfast at the hostel. It is in a room that is also a bar at night. We had so many bagels it was delicious ! But the best part was that we met Ivan who was sitting at our table. We chat for a bit and the he offered us to give us a ride as he had a car. Ivan is from New-Zealand and he left everything behind to do a three months road trip in the US with his Little Ted.
San Francisco is a very peculiar city because it goes up and down all the time. That's the reason it is so great to have a car, because it's less tiring and way faster. I recorded many videos there and if you are interested in seeing them let me know, I might do something on youtube then. 
So first of all, we passed in front of the Golden Gate Bridge but we didn't stop because we went directly south to the Golden Gate Park. We had a nice long walk around the Stow Lake, passed in front of the Japanese Tea Garden and the Conservatory of Flowers.
We also stopped at the De Young Museum and the California Academy of Science. but unfortunately entrances weren't free so we actually didn't really went inside. Thing is, the walk took us such a long time anyway... 

We then decided to get back to the Golden Gate Bridge for lunch. I thought it was stunning to see the bridge in the fog but we were freezing because it was really cold and windy.

After lunch, Laure and I suggested that we go to Lombard Street to see the very famous "Crookedest Street" which is the sloppiest hill of San Francisco. It was very impressive and beautiful because it was covered with flowers (and tourists ahah !)

In the evening, we all three decided to stay at the hostel because it was movie night. We watched Pursuit of Happyness while eating looots of popcorn. 
By the way, I really liked this hostel because they organize many activities like theme parties, visits, barathons, quizz, trip to the Yosemite...

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