20 janvier 2016

SACRAMENTO #16 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the united States to say,

Here I am today after few weeks away. I am really sorry I didn't post anything on the blog. I hope that you're good and that you had a great time at Christmas. I wish you a happy new year, full of love, happiness and surprises. 

I started my second semester at Uni yesterday and so far I am not fully happy just doing that. I really need to find or a job or an internship in something related to art like a gallery or a museum. If you or one of your friend need someone, just send me an e-mail (who knows ?).

Otherwise, here we go for a new article about the rest of my trip in the USA last summer with Laure. 

Wednesday, August 19th 2015

We arrived in Sacramento in the beginning of the afternoon after spending a long time in the train. Our host Richard came to pick us up and went with us to his friend Alex who actually hosted us because Richard had some family home already. He gave us two bikes so we could  go around faster because we only had one day to spend there unfortunately. Richard also gave us a (the best) list of stuff to do in town. It was mostly pubs and bars but we definitly agreed with it.

We started to go to the Capitol Park and then we went to the Federalist to eat the most delicious pizza !
This place was so cool, especially because of the was it was decorated but also thanks to the big tables we could share with other people, which is a great thing cause we could talk with them. I also liked the idea of having deckchairs outside.

After the pizza, we went to the Rubicon, a great local brewery where we met Caleb at the terrasse.
He gently offered his help to complete the list of bars to go and he even came with us which was actually super nice. We had such a great time with him, he has a lot to say and it was really interesting to have met him. 

So first we went to the Shady Lady, a nice bar that looks like a chic saloon, where I had an Old Fashion.
Then, Caleb drag us to his HQ that he calls "diving" (don't ask me why cause I really don't know...). We played pool, ate burgers, smoked some cigarettes and met nice americans. 
We actually had a great time before riding our bikes home through the Yellow Bridge.

Next morning, we woke up quite early to have time to go to Old Sacramento. It looks like an old western movie, I LOVED it ! Once again, we had mexican food at a place called La Terraza. Then we ride back home, picked up our bags, called an Uber and went to the train station where we almost missed our train because we made a mistake on the name it was called or whatsoever. 

Next article will be next Monday. By then, take care of yourself and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and follow the blog on Facebook. 

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