03 novembre 2015

CHICAGO #9 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say, 

It was supposed to be a little article about the Contemporary Museum of Art in Chicago  Thing is... I lost all the pictures I had about it. I am probably sadder than you but no worries, I found something else to write about. During this second day in Chicago, I also went to see the best view of the city and a great gig in Boystown. Let's go ! 

Saturday, August 9th 2015

It is really disappointing to not be able to write about the Calder exhibition I saw and all the amazing pieces of art that were in the museum. Anyhow, I really recommend you to go there ! 

After visiting the museum, Laure and I met with Brittany near the Hancock Bulding. We queued for about ten minutes before getting an elevator that took us to the last floor. The view was amazing, it was definitely breathtaking (It's even better from the bathroom) !
We had a drink and some food in the Signature Room and it was great (even if a bit expensive, it was worth it).

Then we went in a festival in Boystown  The atmosphere was very special and fun ! Everyone was partying and having a great time and I loved it. We had some beers, we played games, try an "insolite board" (as we call it in France) and dance like craycrays. 
We listened to that Sixteen Candles concert which was super great because they are a famous local band that only plays musics from the 80's and that's pretty cool !

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