15 octobre 2015

CHICAGO #8 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the United States to say,

First of all, I would like to say that I'm sorry for not having posted many articles this last few weeks.
Then, I would also like to thank you all for being so supportive and patient because today we celebrate the 100th article. It's been now two years (in french) and nearly two months (in english) that you have been following me through my adventures in London (and in America). I really hope you still enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Now, here is my first article about Chicago. You will definitely find a lot of great places to go, especially bars and amazing spots to eat.

Saturday, August 8th 2015

After a very tiring journey by train (a special article about Amtrak will be on the blog soon), Laure and I arrived in Chicago around midday. We left New-York the day before and spent about twenty hours in the train which was exhausting.
We then took a cab that drove us to Brittany's. 
Brittany is the first host we went to during the whole trip. She was our first Couchsurfing xperience and it was really great. She is unique and awesome. For those like me who like to travel a lot, it was definitly the best and cheapest way to travel because it's free and you meet locals who give you tips and it's great to share the experience when abroad. 
Brittany was so nice to us, very welcoming. I hope she will now visit me in Paris. 

After a quick shower, she took us to all the bests spots in town and this is probably part of why I loved Chicago so much. 
The first place we went to was a beer pub where Brittany works : the Beermiscuous. You can find there about 350 different type of beers. The place is warm welcome and we tested there beers from all around the world. 

Then we went to have some margaritas and mexican food at Big Star which is the best taco place according to Brittany. We tried there a "walking taco" and it was good. It is actually like a crisps/chips bag but with crushed taco inside. You put it in the microwave then open it and you can eat it while walking. I never saw something like that before. 

After diner (it was like around 6pm...) we just crossed the road and went to the very secret  Violet Hour. This cocktail bar is very intimistic and lovely. We had to queue a bit before because even if none can tell there is a bar there, the place is pretty famous. You also need to know that the painting in front of the bar changes all the time so you can't recognize it by that. 

In the evening, we went to one of Brittany's friend birthday party in an amazing apartment. We had a really good time there before we went to have the best burger of my life at DMK. Best thing about it is that they make truffle chips/fries. I am still dreaming about it ! 

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