14 septembre 2015

NEW YORK #3 (english version)

Just a little postcard from the united States to say, 

You will find in this article many cool places to go to when you visit New York, like a really good restaurant, a nice walk and the most famous hotel according to me...
Let's go !

Monday, August 3rd 2015

We took our time to woke up on Monday morning because we hadn't much to do. We wanted to go to Times Square, and we made plans before rushing outside.
We finally left the hotel around 11am, and walked on Bowery and then on the 4th avenue. When we arrived on Union Square we turned left, walked few blocs and then turned right on the 7th avenue.
We had a break to brunch and Laure bought a famous 1$ pizza slice : the american way !

Laure and her huge slice of pizza

We then went to the very famous Chelsea Hotel on the 23rd street. I really wanted to see it because for me it was a big deal and one of the purpose I was travelling to America this summer. You need to know that Patti Smith is a legend to me and she was the reason I wanted to stop by. Not that I don't recognize talent to all the amazing writers and artist who lived there but to me she was THE ONE. Unfortunately, we couldn't get in, there were building works and pictures were not allowed. It was a bit disappointing but I was still happy to had a chance to see it !

Detail from the Chelsea

Entrance of the Chelsea

Legendary people who spent some time at the Chelsea

We then kept walking to go to Times Square. I already went there four years ago with my parents and I had this memory of an huge and very impressive place.
I was really disappointed to see how dirty it was. There as well were building work and it was very polluted and so hot that we could hardly breathe. 
We finally went to have to iced tea at Starbucks before going back to the hostel by tube.
Careful : A single ride ticket cost 3$. If you don't want to walk the whole time like Laure and I decided to do; you should then probably buy a weekly card.

Times Square

Times Square

Iced tea from Starbucks

Lovely and charming subway from NY

When we arrived at the hotel we decided to go on the rooftop to sunbath for a bit. It was actually really nice. 
We then went to had dinner in a restaurant called Tacombi. It was so good ! Definitly one of the best mexican food we had in America. If you don't want to wait at the door you might want to arrive early. Otherwise you'll probably have to queue for a bit...

Sunbathing on the roof

At Tacombi

Hungry Laure waiting for dinner

Tacos and amazing fresh guacamole

I just need to precise that I worked very hard to pay this trip. So I'm not lucky, I just do anything to realize my dreams.
I would be delighted to answer all of your questions.
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